Sunghoon Hong
Korea Institute of Public Finance

Research Fields
  Public Economics, International Taxation, Game Theory

Published Papers
  “Dominant Strategy Implementation with a Convex Product Space of Valuations” with Katherine Cuff, Jesse Schwartz, Quan Wen, and John Weymark, Social Choice and Welfare (2012) 39:567--597
  “Efficiency and Stability in a Model of Wireless Communication Networks” with Youngsub Chun, Social Choice and Welfare (2010) 34:441--454

Working Papers
  “Tax Treaties and Foreign Direct Investment: A Network Approach”
  “Taxation of Unknown Beneficial Owners: Treaty Shopping with Incomplete Information”
  “Strategic Treaty Shopping”
  “Network Bads: How Bottlenecks Matter”

Curriculum Vitae, June 2016

Updated in June 2016 by Sunghoon Hong