Sunghoon Hong
Korea Institute of Public Finance

Research Fields
  Public Economics, International Taxation, Game Theory

Published Papers
  “Tax Treaties and Foreign Direct Investment: A Network Approach”, Forthcoming in International Tax and Public Finance
  “Population Invariance Properties of Social and Economic Networks” with Youngsub Chun and Bong Chan Koh, International Journal of Economic Theory (2017) 13:255--267
  “Dominant Strategy Implementation with a Convex Product Space of Valuations” with Katherine Cuff, Jesse Schwartz, Quan Wen, and John Weymark, Social Choice and Welfare (2012) 39:567--597
  “Efficiency and Stability in a Model of Wireless Communication Networks” with Youngsub Chun, Social Choice and Welfare (2010) 34:441--454

Working Papers
  “Tax Treaties and Foreign Equity Holding Companies of Multinational Corporations”
  “Taxation of Unknown Beneficial Owners: Treaty Shopping with Incomplete Information”
  “Strategic Treaty Shopping”
  “Kidney Exchange with Immunosuppressants” with Youngsub Chun and Eun Jeong Heo

Curriculum Vitae, March 2018